Buy Local Or Else

Between my post here and a letter that appeared in our local free paper, I've been taking a lot of flack on my stance on buying local. I've been told that I need to support local businesses, that a good anarchist supports the little guy (true, but doesn't necessarily support capitalism, idiot), and that I am an apologist for big box retailers. Most of this came about because of my letter in that paper.

The Buy Local Brigade acts like real Nazis ... only without the cool, sexy uniforms.

I am not totally against buying local. I will repeat that. I am not totally against buying local. I am against hypocrites (as I pointed out in my letter) and the whole idea that this business owners mask their love of money in the guise of community well-being. I do believe many of them have a strong community values system, but I am willing to bet more of them have a stronger capitalist value system. The two don't combine well.

One of the buy local commercials even seems slightly threatening. If I can ever find it on YouTube I'll post it here. "We are very disappointed in you." Jesus.

I'll support local businesses when they have something I want at a price I like and I don't feel like their politics and morals are too disgusting. Period. I won't be bullied or shamed into buying local because it's the "proper" thing to do. It won't work, so stop trying.

Nice efforts, though. Oddly enough, the folks that have been trying to convince me come off as apologists themselves ... for capitalism ... and they don't even get it.

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