Taco Bell In Eureka Hiring Go-Getting Morons

I picked up this business card at Eureka, California's premier Taco Bell. Since the junkie they had hired died, they are now looking to fill his position. This business card is supposed to entice young upstarts into wanting to work for The Bell.

Let's deconstruct, shall we?

There's a strapping young lad named, of all things, Juan. He works at a Taco Bell in Canoga Park. I imagine local whites aren't afraid of him because he wears a button down shirt and does not sport the standard slicked back hair the media has equated with gang violence.

Juan, again struck by person Taco Bell chose for this hiring campaign, appears as if he is either running to work or from it. It being Taco Bell, I imagine he is running from it. Perhaps, since he is not in the standard uniform, he only came in to get his check. This would explain his pained smile as he remembers how hard he worked for so little money.

As a hiring tool, this business card is fairly ineffective. Easy enough to pick up and small enough to forget, Juan's incredibly insincere look is enough to remind any potential employee that working at Taco Bell will not only not be a fun way to spend the summer, it could also lead to being used in a hiring campaign where you are forced into some ridiculous pose for business cards.

Whenever I've seen anyone applying at Taco Bell (and even I first did so when I moved to California), the look on their faces is not one of excitement at the potential of a job. It is more of resignation and sadness. Sort of like when your favorite dog dies and you realize he'll never lick your face again. I've never seen anyone either applying or working there who looked even a tenth a bit as happy as Juan. No one.

Next time, Taco Bell, think outside the bun ... and get someone named Bob or Tammy to do your campaign. Juan is a little too much a reminder of how your food is nowhere near anything anyone can consider Mexican, yet a little too on-the-nose.

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