Humboldt Pot Smokers Unite

The push to decriminalize or "semi-legalize" pot in California is growing. While the effects of legalization on the Humboldt County economy are largely unknown (will it destroy the black market for it that pumps inflated dollars into the local businesses?) it is known that if it were taxed there would be over a billion dollars in tax money in the states coffers. Maybe then old people could get their doctors bills paid.

This move is a good thing, and it seems inevitable that it will happen. I'd like to see it happen with all drugs, but pot is a good start. I don't smoke it. I am not fond of the whole loser/lazy vibe that goes along with it, and interviewing people who suffer from short-term memory loss is a huge pain in the ass, but I'm all for people being able to use it without fear of jail (not that that is a huge fear in Humboldt as we typically don't pursue legal action when it comes to pot). It makes good business and social sense.

Local Republicans, a group always in touch with reality, are concerned that minors may have easy access to it if it were legal. Of course, minors have easy access to it now, so how that will change is unknown. Republicans often seem to be behind the times when it comes to social concerns. (What if whites can marry blacks? Then what? What kind of baby will that produce? This is 2009! The science hasn't caught up to the carnal yet!)

I'll sign the petition to get this initiative on the ballot if asked. I'm all for the idea and will, of course, vote yes on it assuming it is worded correctly. It's obvious that some drastic measures need to be taken to bail this state of the financial swamp it has found itself in, and green energies just aren't moving fast enough (or are being taken seriously enough).

Besides, our governor smoked it! It has to be good.

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