New Jersey and Irony -- Perfect Together

You may have caught this on the news.  Recently, what is thought to be the world's largest pie fight (custard, of course) was staged in New Jersey.  I watched the report on CNN Headline News.  It was presented without a hint of irony.  Why was it ironic?

The pie fight was staged as a benefit to help out a Trenton-area soup kitchen.  In that sense it was beneficial.  $10,000 was raised.  I just wondered why nobody questioned the idea of wasting food in order to help raise money for a soup kitchen.  It just seems wrong.

Granted, the pie fight raised a lot of money, most likely more than any poorly organized car wash could (though when you got teen girls standing by the side of the street advertising a car wash you usually get customers).  It comes across, however, as a really strange decision.  Couldn't the soup kitchen use those pies?  I'm fairly sure poor people like pie, too.  Maybe I'm wrong. 

The pie fight consisted of 400 students and staff from Lawrenceville School.  I  wonder what kind of lessons they are teaching these kids there.  Bombing countries in a quest for peace?  Suspending civil liberties in order to ensure our freedoms?  People on Medicare voting for Tea Party candidates?  Fucking for virginity?  I even read a few articles on this, and not a single one mentioned the irony.  I'm sure one is out there, but I missed it, much like these kids missed the message, too.

Good job, kids.  I can't help but ponder what you learned.


Nathan said...

This blog post is so absurd. Let's consider that several hundred individuals were encouraged to give to a charity all at once. Let's consider the press that was given through out local, state and national communication channels. Let's consider that the $10,000 that was raised is essentially a gross profit from the pie fight. Oh, and did you ever consider the lack of nutritional value contained within a chocolate custard pie?

Possibly, think about how this pie fight is at least the third pie fight record attempt just this year all for the sake of raising money and or awareness for charity.

Take a chill pill and find the joy in other's accomplishments.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

That is sweet! I do think it's great they raised money. I also find it ironic.