2010: The Republicans Strike Back

Watching the election returns on NBC gives me a much clearer picture of what makes up the Tea Party.  It is the equivalent of a mentally retarded twelve-year-old boy who is holding a handgun and the safety is off.  Someone, be it an innocent bystander or the child himself, is going to get hurt.

Jerry Brown looks like he's winning.  Proposition 19 (free pot for everyone) looks like it's failing.  Republicans look like they are taking power, which means all the country's problems will be fixed in a month or so ... about 20 days more than anyone gave Obama to fix the mess he inherited.  All you unemployed should be back to work pronto.

This election has been a mixed bag of insanity, depression and befuddlement.  Those wide-eyed, quivering lipped liberals who supported Obama en masse seemingly decided to catch the early show of Paranormal Activity 2 instead of voting.  Perhaps they felt so left down by what has been a decidedly lackluster program.  Perhaps they figured Arizona would never ban state affirmative action programs.  Whose got egg on their faces now?

Sarah Palin is sending Twitter messages to Obama.  Well, I'm sure they're directed at him, but whether or not he's reading them is beyond me.  Obviously, the Tea Party parrots aren't reading them because the Internet was developed with taxpayer money and they don't support things like that.  It reeks of socialism or communism or reverse racism or some such shit.

2012, besides being the absolute end of the world so says science, is going to be fascinating.  My prediction: Based on the absolute ignorance of those who have been elected tonight, coupled with the drooling Tea Party parrots, I can only say that the economy will not get better, rights will continue to erode, and religious fundamentalism (both Christian and Islamic) will rear its misshapen head in ways we never thought we'd see.  Why?  Because now people think they have a mandate and Obama never took advantage of the one he did actually have.

Then again, I'm a fuckin' anarchist. They can all rot.

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