Keyword Fun!

Regular readers know the drill.  Once a month or so I find all the strange keywords that bring people to my blog.  It's always fun ... and often disturbing.  This month is no different.

First up is "giants fan."  Yes, the Giants won the World (really North America) Series, and yes I wrote about the team's fans.  Anyone coming here thinking I would write something positive, though, had a bit of a surprise.

"Beat Wear Speedfreak" has either returned or made its first appearance.  I don't know what it says about me that I can't remember if this came around before, but it can't bode well for what I write.

Disturbing best described the next search: "cm nail stripers."  I imagine this is some kind of weird hardware tool, but since most of the people that end up on my blog come here looking for porn, I can't help but wonder.

"coalinga dirt causes sickness" and "coffee symbolism" were next on the list.  I haven't the foggiest idea of what "coalinga dirt" is, but I do find it odd that when it comes to "coffee symbolism" they are closely related in the searches.

Another weird one is "creepy body."  Who the hell would enter that into a search engine?  Did they find what they were looking for?

Any of you familiar with Easy Rider magazine or the movie?  Both are about motorcycles and their riders.  Biker culture, man.  Can you dig?  Well, someone very interested in "easy rider mouth masturbator" came a knockin'.  (No pun intended.)  Frankly, I don't want to know what an easy rider mouth masturbater is.

The next search term is direct and to the point.  "Dripping cunt."  I wonder what post that led the searcher to?

"Extreme devil" seemed to be popular, too.  As if the devil isn't extreme enough, we need an even more devilish one.  Those kids and their Mountain Dew.

The next two searches go hand in hand.  "is ok to use the swastika in art?" and "how does the swastika affect people."  If you have to ask if it is okay to use it, you aren't an artist.  As to how it affects people, I think that's pretty well documented.  Just ask six million Jews.  Oh, wait.  You can't.  That answer your question? 

Following that there was "swastika bastardized." 

"japanese pierced tongue."  Need I say more?

Then there is the "philippine massacre autopsy."  Wouldn't that be "autopsies"?  Perhaps that is the "creepy body" guy.

"sexy naget image" appeared.  "Naget" is not a term I understand.  Last time I did this, it was mentioned, too, I believe.  Is "naget" some new sex thing I don't know about or care to know about, like docking or Betty White body rolls?  What the fuck is a "naget"?

Thinking I do public service announcements, someone came searching for "why we need blood donors."  If this keyword search fun stuff is any indicator, I don't want the blood from most people.  They're weird and creepy, which brings us to our last one.

This search phrase brought a chill to my spine for some reason.  It's not the worst thing I've read.  It's not related to sex or anything like that.  The image it conjurers up, however, left me inspired and creeped out.  It was "the dark prison massacre."

At least it had nothing to do with "nagets" or swastikas, but still ... weird.

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