Bum Rush the Show

Tonight, after my darling princess falls fast asleep, I will turn back to the manuscript. I've been working on it like a madman since Friday in an attempt to push it past where I was when I lost it.  I keep coming up on new tangents, however, and that is slowing things down.  So is the fact that I am often exhausted by the time I get to work on it.  (I was actually going to be working on it now instead of doing this post, but what I want to write will take more time than I am alloted this morning.)  I had joked with Kiddo about going to a writer's retreat.  I wouldn't do it it because I have too many other things going on and it sounds pretentious, but I can understand its appeal.

The scene I'm working on tonight is one that existed in the version that became corrupted.  It's a good scene involving people watching that becomes downright uncomfortable for the narrator.  It does a lot to establish two of the main characters, too.  It is not graphic scene (other than in language or ideas), at least not the way it originally panned out (who knows about now), but it is squirm-inducing nonetheless.  I had fun writing it the first time.  I don't know what it will be like this time around.  The first draft of it had some great lines that I won't reproduce here because they fit the flow just right.  Now the entire flow has been changed by having to restart the damn thing, so the lines would sound forced.  How it will turn out now is anyone's guess, but if this scene doesn't work, nothing beyond it will work, either, and I may as well scrap the damn thing and start the manuscript on entertainment I've been mulling over for some time.

Enjoy the day.

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