Invasion of the Party Snatchers

Bush has a book out.  The Tea Party fouled up the election in some pretty horrendous ways.  Jobs are still a thing of the past for many people, and stores seem to think moving Black Friday up a few weeks will keep them from drowning.

If you were cynical, you'd almost have to think the country was going under faster than any one of those places in Africa only actors seem to have heard of.

If you were an optimist, you'd say this is the wake up call to Americans to stop voting against their interests.

If, however, you see yourself as a realist, you'd have to say that this is what you get when you have the world's most powerful country stocked with voters who don't care about facts, who stick to their religion when convenient, and where xenophobia isn't only considered healthy but now called a "lifestyle choice."  Put into more simple terms, the chickens have come home to roost.

Capitalism, religion and fear do not make an empire great.  In fact, they make it fail.  We are witnessing full-bore the product of our breeding, and it's a monster-child that makes many of us choke back our own bile.  Is there a chance to turn things around?  Of course there is.  This isn't nature.  This is man-made.  Will we have the fortitude to do it?  Based on how I've seen the a large segment of the population act in times like this, I doubt it.  A large-scale crisis like 9/11 probably wouldn't change anything, either.  It's going to take real pain, real sacrifice, and eyes that are wide open to reality to change this ship's course.

Most telling is that you have Obama in the White House.  He's an unwavering capitalist through and through (as every president in my lifetime has been).  However, he has been successfully painted ("successfully" because people believe it) as a socialist, a communist, a Muslim, a fascist and has had his citizenship challenged.  Normally those fringe groups are on the outside looking in.  This time they voted, and they were rewarded like the seals at the water show (or so they think).  What do you think is going to happen when someone rises to really unite these blinder-wearing mouth-breathers?

We'll see in 2012.  Maybe it really is the end.

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