My Gun, Your Mouth -- A Love Affair to Remember

I have already been invited to a Super Bowl party.  I rarely watch this thing even when it's one of the few teams I enjoy.  The guy who invited me seemed disappointed when I said I would probably pass.  Can't imagine how that came as a shock, but so be it.

Woke up this morning and it was pouring out.  Beautiful sound.  The sky seems to be clearing up, which is depressing in its own right, but laying in bed and hearing the sound of rain hitting the roof and deck made me appreciate the fact that I don't live on a highway or out in some desert. 

I worked on the manuscript a lot last night.  Rebuilding it after the file corruption has not been fun.  In fact, it has been downright miserable, as I can't really remember if I had written some of these scenes before.  I now have six back up copies because the OCD has come out in full force.  After working on that I read Necronomicon 5: The Journal of Horror and Erotic Cinema.  I finished up the essay on John Carpenter and his influences and then started up on the zombie resurgence, which I'm not thrilled with.  Fascinating reading, however.  Great theories presented, and lots of new ways to look at some films.  Still don't appreciate the vomit pile of remakes, however.

Got a rather odd e-mail asking if I'd like to do some script clean-up on dialogue.  Very tempted to say "yes" to this one.  Again had to let him know if I did so I wouldn't be able to review it as it would be a conflict of interest.  He may or may not like that.  Either way, still flattered.   Dialogue says everything about the character.

Don't know if any of you saw the supposed missile launch off the CA coast (there are those who think it is the contrail of a plane seen at an odd angle, and others who disagree), but it comes on the tail of an event on 10/27/10 that got a bit of coverage.  The US lost control of 50 ICBMs.  Nuclear.  We've never lost control of that many before.  Apparently we weren't in any danger.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It's strange timing to say the least.  I also noticed that while the military was quick to say they don't know what launched off the coast, they also didn't rush out to investigate it (at least not that I saw).  Comforting.  The government hasn't said if any missiles went missing (I highly doubt the government would report this), but if you had your hands on a bunch of them would you do a test launch, or would you just hope for the best and fire one into the heart of Los Angeles?

George Bush is on the Today show.  He is pushing his book.  Decision Points.  He does talk about being drunk at a dinner party with his parents in it.  He does not appear drunk on the Today show.  I can't say for sure, though.  He does appear happy.  You've seen that Alfred E. Newman grin before.  He's got it in full force.  I think he wants to mount Ann Curry.  Well get in line, Bub.  Who doesn't?  I won't get to see what I believe will be an utterly fascinating and in-depth interview at the hands of NBC's competent morning hucksters, and I can't see wasting DVR space.  I would love to hear his tales of hitting on women when he's drunk, though.  

Happy day.

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