The Things in the Basement

 I am fast approaching post number 600, and I think I will take that opportunity to see if this is all still worth it.  As a form of communication it ultimately failed, as I took more grief over what I wrote than I think is to be expected.  It was nice to know people were reading, but far too many personalized it (often thinking things were about them that weren't, or that something had more meaning than it did) or totally misinterpreted it.

Right now I'm working on a new manuscript, writing for the Romanian site on a weekly basis, and trying to up my contributions to Film Threat.  Associated Content has kind of gone by the wayside due to the fact that it is too much effort for no return and it's been bought by Yahoo. 

So, will I continue with this and the other blogs?  I don't know.  It may not, in the end, be worth it.  It keeps my name out there, for sure, but I just may put my efforts elsewhere and save myself the angry e-mails and texts.

Three more posts, and I will make the final decision ... for now.


Nikki said...

I think you have a semi-annual "maybe I should give up the blog" moment, I recall you thinking the same thing about six months ago. So AC didn't work out? I just signed up for Bright Hub, which has a pretty good rep among DS writers. They have self-published channels, including one on comics and graphic novels. Thought of you when I saw that one. Something to check out if you ever decide to expand into yet more areas (as if you're not busy enough). The self published channels are all rev share, no upfronts.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I may look at those, but the Romanian site keeps me pretty freakin' busy. Top that with the new manuscript, which I should be working on now, but it would be a bad idea, and I barely have time to breathe.