It's a Devil's Rejects Kind of Day

Sometimes you get a sign, a clear omen of how you should run your day.  Today is one of those days. 

I should be working on the manuscript.  I did not get a chance to last night, so I thought I'd do it this morning.  However ...

I woke up.  Turned on the radio.  It was a song from The Devil's Rejects, one of my favorite films.  In keeping in spirit, I threw the CD soundtrack on and cranked it the fuck up so I could hear it in the shower. 

Then I grabbed a shirt from the laundry basket to put away.  It was my daughter's shirt from the movie that I have her wear as pajamas.

Grabbed a shirt to wear to work tomorrow, and sure enough, it was also from the film. 

If I didn't know better I'd say someone was trying to tell me something.

If I worked on the manuscript now, I wouldn't be going to work.  I know myself that well.  I'd sit and write and not stop until I fell asleep.  Instead, I'll go to work and attempt (most likely successfully) to keep the human face on and not slip up.   It will be difficult, but I am good at maintaining.  (I've made it this far in life thanks to that ability to maintain.)

Tonight I will work on the manuscript, most likely with the soundtrack blaring and a tall glass of water or some other beverage.  And I may go until I pass out.

Assuming, of course, this day goes smoothly.

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