Now I'm Looking for the Sun

Too early to tell what the day will bring, but my mind is telling me to seriously reconsider some decisions I've made.  I hate letting people down.  I hate not acting on instinct (though I will readily admit this has kept me out of prison on numerous occasions).

At least I slept good last night.  Turned in early after doing some writing and responding to some great e-mails from a "new friend" who feels like I've known her for years.  Weird how that sometimes works. 

Going to be hyper alert, almost animal-like, to everything that happens today.  Going to keep myself in check.  I've possibly misinterpreted some things that, while I suppose it is good I misinterpreted them, it seems like my interpretation would have been much better, though most likely more destructive for everyone involved.

I miss Melissa and Jessica, two souls I used to work with.  Jessica contacted me out of the blue yesterday and was one of three people who said they were thinking of calling me late the night before.  I wonder what was up with the universe to cause this mutual "let's call crazy guy" vibe to happen.

Then again, maybe they had a sense of what was to come and were seeking to ground me.  It's okay, friends.  I grounded myself.

Enjoy the day.

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