Let's Hear it for the Good Ol' Days (aka Justice With a Knife)

. This Monday is not working out very well. Not very well at all. It'll be better once I have my daughter with me tonight, but until then I feel like I'm on a real short fuse and probably should not be going to work. I should probably hole myself up in the house and keep away from people until this dark mood passes.

I feel like dealing with people the way they need to be dealt with, and that won't go well at all.

On a brighter note, people who are unemployed in California are being told they may want to look to moving out of the state as other states have more job opportunities. More program cuts are coming to my state, too, because, as we all know, the Enron-like accounting tricks used on the last budget are only going to compound the deficit problem we have. Not since Reagan kicked all those mentally ill out has California faced such a potential disaster as thousands of disabled people face losing the places they call home. Imagine places like Ukiah, San Diego, and even Eureka looking like Calcutta with better scenery. People in failing electric scooters, rusting leg braces, shirts stained with drool and feces with their hands out begging for whatever change you can spare. And those are just the ones who can beg. There are others who will be wandering the streets like zombies, and still others propped up in corners.

Obviously that is an exaggeration, but the budget woes do mean that people with disabilities may lose their place to stay as a lot of the programs that house them are forced to shut their doors. Those unemployed care providers may be able to move out of state and find other jobs, but what about the people they care for? They will not be so lucky.

Yeah, this Monday is shaping up to be quite a day. Justice like a knife.

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