Destiny Will Be Kind

Another tired post. The The have this great lyric. I hope I got this right. "Everyone 'round here thinks they're somethin' special/That destiny will be kind." I like it because it's true ... and destiny is rarely kind.

I was told today that I was compassionate, and that people liked dealing with me. Then the question was thrown out there: How long can your psyche handle what you are dealing with? I think a year ... and that's thinking that destiny will be kind.

And then I saw this ...

A man on television was asked what he does for a living (I have no idea what is on television). He replied, "I'm more of a socialite." The woman said, "So you do nothing then?" Ain't that right. If you consider being a "socialite" as doing something, then you pretty much have announced to the world that you are using vital oxygen and resources to keep your unproductive ass going. If I met this guy and he told me he was a socialite, I would be hard pressed not to either A) hit him, or B) make him explain that to me in a way that would make me not want to hit him.

I don't know why that bothered me so much, but it did. I think I just had it with people who thrive on and create drama, who create their own problems and then freak out when they come to a head, and those who slither through life sucking dry the mental, physical, emotional and financial stocks of those around them. I've had friends like that. It's always bugged me.

A socialite. Seriously. Said with pride. I'm more of a socialite. I think if I ever said that seriously, and not in my usual sarcastic, mocking way, the sound that would follow would be that of a the gun going off in my mouth. What a way to announce to the world that you are a waste of space. Cancer. Suicide. Victim of a terrorism attack. Do something already. Jesus.

And for you Eureka residents, KIEM news just reported that the water and sewage rate hikes (which were set to be financially crippling -- I had already had plans on how to deal with and make up the money) were put on hold for now because City Hall filled up with seniors who were protesting the hikes. The hikes were going to double (at the least) people's water and sewage bills. It's back to the drawing board now because one group of voters you don't want to piss off is seniors. (You can wait for them to die, but more take their place every day.)

Tomorrow our governor, that drooling madman, will deliver his State of the State address where he is sure to talk of new ways of fucking the poor and disabled up the ass with his herpe-sore riddled penis. It'll be good for them, he'll say. It'll force them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, like he's had to do. When the fuck are we going to stop hiring actors to pretend to be politicians? This guy is a psychopathic clown with a hard-on for wrecking people's lives. Hell, the furloughs are under attack. So he talks lay-offs. The state is facing a $21 billion deficit. He will talk about how the poor suck that from CA's tit through those welfare programs that are making people rich. He won't, I'm sure, talk about tax loopholes for the wealthy and corporations. That's the difference between "special interests" and "national interests" (or in this case "state interests"). Special interests benefit people. National (or state) interests benefit corporations. This economic crisis the country is in wasn't caused by the poor. Last I checked, an unchecked Wall Street decided to really play pimp to the whore in us all, and in turn savaged itself, too (something that is delicious on a few different levels). Tomorrow's speech will be interesting. We'll see what happens, but I think things will be bleak until he's no longer employed by the public he continues to keep fucking without protection.

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Nikki said...

That picture is creepy. Despite the fact that it is a baby, it still looks like a mime-clown being. Maybe that makes it creepier. It will grow up to be evil.

Speaking of clowns, Lib posted something cute on my Facebook wall: "How do you knock a clown off a swing? Hit it in the face with an axe." Clowns are bad.