Hints Of Instability

Lately a lot of my friends have been having "troubles." I could rattle off a list of them (and before you think my use of quotes means I don't think they are troubles, read on), but people may be able to identify each other from them. Let's just say they aren't pretty in any way shape or form.

Most of these "troubles," however, don't originate from my friends. They come from/are caused by outside sources. Words. Actions Inactions. It all comes down to people pushing the right buttons at the wrong times to get negative reactions. Most of these morons who are fast and loose with their words and actions are men.

My thoughts on the gender that masturbates without the use of a shower head are fairly well documented. I don't think highly of us. In fact, I find men to be weak, self-centered pricks who often don't think about, let alone see, the damage they do.

Even my desire to do away with these people is nothing more than an erection with purpose.

Most of my friends who have been having troubles are women. I'm friends with more women than men (good friends, I mean), and this upsets me.

Why you women continue to screw us is beyond me. Why you don't call us on this shit more often is a mystery. Why you continue to let it happen is ... understandable. Hell, if it happens enough you eventually come to the realization that most men are idiots and you'll never change that lovable part of our genetic makeup, so why bother.

Me? I'm done with it. These guys, the ones who pull this crap, need to grow up or keep their cockholes shut. It's pretty simple really. Smile. Nod. And don't open your mouth unless you damn well have something substantial to add to the conversation.

On an unrelated note, I'm juggling with the prospect of self-publishing. I need money for my trip, my PA, a tattoo, a television and to survive on. Publishers aren't exactly beating down my door, and I come from a punk rock DIY background, so why not? Plus, if a self-published book (say through Cafe Press) does well enough, I can take those numbers to a publisher.

Any thoughts on this? I'm curious to hear them ... unless you are one of those guys I mentioned at the beginning. If that's the case, just smile, nod, and go on your merry way.


elistia said...

women who call men on their shit stay single which is undesirable to most women. unless the woman is fuckin gorgeous (which i realize will be relative to the man she is interacting with and does not always refer to her physical being) and real bitchy about calling him on it, he's not likely to want much to do with her. well, and assuming the man is not spineless or afraid of being truly "seen." but even then, it's a coin toss. people in general only want to be told so much about themselves. and only half of what they are told do they have the capacity to even hear.
manipulation. men like women who manipulate them. i watch it all the time...all around me. or deception. or excessive neediness. if none of those other factors are in place in addition to telling him what's what, the woman becomes the "really good friend." if the woman doesn't want to fall into that category, she may train herself to permit a lot of bs from a man that shouldn't be permitted.

women screw men over who want to be screwed over...or the men who allow it. the more she grinds his heart into dog meat, the more he seems to want her. da hell? men are as stupid as women are in that respect. men get treated badly and go back for seconds and thirds. it's not an issue of gender. it's just human nature, i guess.

both genders are totally, totally fucked up. i'm surprised the human race hasn't died out.

self-publishing...depends on what you would want to publish, who your audience would be and whether the size of the existence of that audience is something that matters to you. there was something else i was going to add but my caffeine free head lost it...

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Very good observations on the (in)human race. Honestly, we should die off. We deserve it. I just don't understand how people who claim to be close to you can be so fucking oblivious. It boggles the mind.

Still thinking on the self-publishing venture.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I could go on, for days, with my own commentary about this particular post of yours, Doug. But, I think I'll save it for my own blog, someday. Until then, I thought of this Rollins song as I read your post:

WRONG MAN by Hank Rollins

You say we're all the same
You don't even know my name
Sometime somewhere some man hurt you
I'm one of them so I get stuck with the blame You think you know about me
You don't know a damn thing about me

I'm not all men, just one man, I'm not all men

There's one subject that everyone enjoys
I heard the boys talk the talk to the boys
I heard the girls talk the talk to the girls
It's all the same noise, neither one's worse
I didn't always tell the truth
But then again, neither did you

I'm not all men
I'm just one man
I'm not that man
I'm not all men

Get away and leave me well alone
Take your damage and take it back on home
I'm not the blame for your misery
Take your threats away from me
Take that damage and leave me all alone

I won't try to patronize you
And tell you that I know exactly what you've been through
You know it just might be
That you have no problem with me
I'm not a rapist in waiting
I'm not the one you should be hating

You take your fear and you pull it inside
It builds up and rage starts to rise
You turn it loose and your anger is blind
And you see me as the enemy
That's not the way it ought to be

You generalize and tell me lies
Like all I want's between you thighs
All the things that I put you through
And all the things that I might do
Don't wonder when I run away
When you tell me it's my time to pay
For all the tears and all the pain
For all the terrible things I never did

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that I definitely think self-publishing is a great idea. More on that later.

Stay strong. And, as usual, don't let Chocolate Thunda' fool you. Ruthless, she is.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

She is ruthless. Took my eye out with a fork.

I don't think this is all men, really, but it is far too many men. Far too many.