Arrested Development

Feeling dark tonight. The race was postponed. My girl isn't home. Other things that are moving at a snail's pace. (I'm trying not to write about highly personal things anymore, as I get asked a lot of questions by people who have no business asking. My friends I don't mind doing that, but others just piss me off.)

I wish I could home school my girl. I think it would be far better than a public school system that is on the border of Failure and Hopeless. I respect teachers. I really do. They don't get paid nearly enough. It's the administration and other kids that I don't like. Stupidity and ignorance are values that kids force upon one another. I don't want my daughter to adopt that. If she's like me, and every indication is there that she is, she'll be bored in school and have a hard time dealing with fools.

My girl will be fine, though. She's got an awesome sense of humor, is wise beyond her years, and has a vicious streak that is kind of scary. I did well in naming her Asia. I think that someday she'll make her mark on the world. I just hope it's on her own terms because God save the fool that tries to force her to be something she's not. I can already see that ending badly.

I'll see her in about twelve hours. Between now and then I hope to get some sleep. It will be a better day tomorrow ... and the race is on.

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