Son Of Evil

To get myself mentally straight for work I'll often listen to GG Allin on the way in. Cranked up on the car stereo or on my MP3 player while I determine eligibility. Allin, whom many people hate with good reason, is a force that gets me through the day.

There's something comforting about his raw anger that makes me feel a little less alone in my burning hatred. There's something almost funny about the way he could command a room. He acted in a way people would describe as more animal than human, but to me that made him more honest than the "humans" who would criticize him.

You can say his music was bad. Most of it was. You can say he was reprehensible. He was. You can say he was dangerous. Definitely. You can say he was unforgiving and relentless. All true. If you pissed him off, you knew it. If you were a "friend," you had the same problem. Some people have claimed I'm an asshole and dick. Trust me when I say I'm nothing compared to Allin.

Allin sang that he was the "highest power." Born Jesus Christ Allin, he may have been. He definitely made rock dangerous in a way that Motley Crue never could. You took things further than Marilyn Manson ever dreamed. Ozzy biting the head off a bat was nothing compared to Allin eating and flinging his feces into the crowd or giving his brother a bj on stage.

Oddly enough, Allin never had a Top 40 song.

Sometimes I'll sing along at work. Sometimes under my breath, sometimes not. I don't really worry about offending someone. I work with "adults." I expect them to act like adults do. When I listen to him and sing the lyrics, I feel liberated. I feel like I can snap at any moment, and that feels good.

Sometimes, when someone approaches my desk with what looks like it will be a problem to me, I'll eye the scissors or even grab them. It's a subtle message, but a message nonetheless. Would I ever use them? Of course not. I'm not that crazy. Besides, you can see it on my face when I'm about to explode. Some co-workers have seen that.

Liberating. Exhilirating. Human.

"I am the highest power." -- GG Allin


Nikki said...

Oh jeez Doug! That picture is among the WORST things to see first thing in the morning! Ick! I need some sort of "scroll fast past the picture in my blog" warning email in the future. LOL!

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I apologize. I think it goes perfect with Cheerios, though.

Anonymous said...

Gee-Gee A. was in the ICON Magazine I mailed off to an eBayer today. Weird, because Prince was the cover story, "The Artist Formerly Known?" Gee Gee's name was in the upper-left corner of the cover. Had the issue for a few years, but can't recall the story with Gee-Gee A.