Red Nails

That last post, the one about Spring, came from a truly horrible day filled with much hurt and anger,mixed with a healthy dose of exhaustion and massive back pain. It was stream of consciousness nonsense that just sort of came out.

I realize some of that may sound crazy, but I write horror stories (some are available for purchase on this very blog). It's a form of therapy. Some people pay others to listen to them. Some self-medicate. I write. It's a healthy alternative for all involved.

If anyone was offended ... fuck you. I believe that people's offensive level is equal to their Every once in a while you need to offend people in order to wake them up. It's crude, but effective. If it offended you, you needed it.

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your day. Do some coke. Pick up a hooker. Masturbate in Hot Topic. Send a scary, random text message. Go to a restaurant and hit on staff members of the same sex in an obvious, uncomfortable way. Create as much chaos as possible and take great joy in it. You deserve it.

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