Kill Your Television

I've been thinking of buying a new television. Granted, I need money to do this, but banks are easy marks, so I'm not super worried. My Toshiba, which was given to me, is developing some weird lines at the top of the screen that don't bode well for its future. I have another smaller set I can use, but the Toshiba is so big I can't move it on my own (not without dropping a testicle or two, at least).

So I've been mulling it over. I want a widescreen, doesn't have to be huge, and won't be plasma. (A waste of time and money for a not-so-great picture.) It will be HD, of course, as that is the wave of the future. I probably won't get a Blu-Ray player to go with it, though. Most of the movies I enjoy (with the exception of the Star Wars films) won't benefit from Blu-Ray. I don't care how good the picture looks, a shit movie is still a shit movie even if the shit is clearer.

I've been looking around Target, Sears, Costco and so on. Getting jealous. Choking on the idea of spending that much. Wondering how I'll fit it in here. I need one, though, and probably sooner than later.

I hate being a slave to television. I enjoy "Top Gear," though, and watch some sports and a hell of a lot of movies (it's my job), so I need something. If any of you know of any good scams, fill me in. If I can't watch "The Devil's Rejects" whenever my little heart desires I may just go insane.

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