This Magic Moment

Should be asleep. Have to get up way too early. This blog may not hear from me for a while. Got the feeling something weird is going to happen. Hope that's not the case. It's been bugging me for days now, though. Can't tell if it's just nerves or something else.

I left work today and got kinda sad. As much as I hate the job sometimes, the people can't be beat. The unit I'm in is insane, but the people are mostly good. One was hit by a bus today. If you knew her, that would seem pretty right on. My supervisor is an incredible person. I respect her. I'm going to miss her and all the others.

The sun is making its way down. Time is ticking away. Somewhere in this city a girl is shooting up for the last time. That needle pierces the skin. The poison flows in. She never kissed her boyfriend good-bye.

And so it goes ...

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Type A Underachiever said...

pookie and paris read this and wondered if you were coming back.