Love You With a Razor

It should be a good week when both Enter the Void and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest (American version to star Owen Wilson!) show up at your bidding.  That was tempered, however, by a stressful week otherwise that has me digging up all kinds of old editors and trying to figure out how to make a blog generate a few thousand a month in income.  Not an easy task because I'm not writing about HDTVs or foreclosures. 

I've even considered taking those two Amazon Shorts, which I now have the rights to again, and making them e-content for the Kindle.  The only problem is, I would never use a Kindle or any other e-reader, so why would I expect others to use it to read my stuff instead of pushing it in print form.  A bit of popular advice is that if you are going to buy stock, buy it in something you use.  I think the exact opposite is true, too.  Don't put stock in something you don't use.  I don't use an e-reader, so I'm not making something exclusive to that.

There are, of course, other options.  There always are.  I'm not ready to go those routes yet, as they are not the backup plans I want to engage.  Self-publishing is still in the picture, too, but I'm still not sure that is the way to go.

With the editorial change at the North Coast Journal I wonder if there is a bigger place there for me.  The article I did on Willow Creek paid well.  I've been told it is looking for more critics, too, so that may be an avenue worth pursuing if only for potboilers.

Seeing old friends tonight and this weekend may inspire me to step up the game a bit more, too.  I feel like I haven't been devoting as much time to this plan as I should be, but stepping it up as I have been has been a good step in the right direction.  If anyone has any good ideas, I'm more than happy to hear them.  Writing jobs, publishers, affiliates (not AdSense, as my account for this blog is yanked for good), or anything else, I'm open to it.  I've written for plenty of magazines in my time -- some good (Tattoo Savage), some not so good (UFO).  It's not always my favorite type of writing work, but it's a check and exposure.  Savage and Film Threat opened a lot of doors. Now I need to open some more ... especially if I want this current manuscript published.  Man, that one is going to be a hard sell ... at least in America.


Nikki said...

I've actually switched sides and now desperately want a Kindle. I'll never, ever give up print books, but I finally decided there are enough advantages to the Kindle to warrant my wanting one.

As for making money with the blog, I haven't really gotten there yet. I'm currently working on a review blog, which I'll promote once it has more content. But Pretty Nameless isn't meant for making money, and that's where I get the most hits. I joined a bunch of networks, but I don't recommend that for you because you actually have to interact with people, which I know you abhor. Also, although Blogger is a google platform, Google loves Wordpress. If you want to make money on a blog, the popular consensus seems to be that you need to move to Wordpress and get your own domain.

Oh, and submit your posts to reddit, I got more hits off them than any of the other bookmarking sites like stumble and digg.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Excellent advice. Thank you. I've looked at Wordpress. It is okay.