Hey, Wisconsin! Fuck You!

Dear People of Wisconsin,

If you are tired of watching the working class and union members have their lives treated as throw-aways, I've got one word for you: Egypt.  Your Republican servants obviously don't give a shit about you.  Why not return the favor?  They are attacking your very livelihood.  They are attacking everything you've built up over the years.  Do you think a little yelling and banging on a drum is going to get them to stop?  Hell no.  You've got to, as I used to say, fuck shit up.  General strikes.  Wildcat strikes.  Boycotts to businesses that support them.  And if that doesn't work, get louder and louder.  They will only understand the loss of money and violence.  That much is proven.  If that prank call that circulated earlier is any indication of what you union folks are up against, you've got to ratchet up the protests.  Be careful to keep the public on your side.  Most people don't get that after they dismantle the public servant unions they will go after the general unions and then things like OSHA.  Big business is doing its utmost to dismantle labor.  It's time to return the favor.  Those billionaires who like to fund the Republicans -- show them what strength in numbers really means.

And as for you Democrats in hiding -- good job.  Your peers on the other side of aisle are nothing but lickspittle motherfuckers who can't even see when they are being played.  They will do anything in their power to render even themselves useless and beholden to corporate America.  Don't give up on this one.  Hang them with their own rope.

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