Eye of the Tiger: The Strange Case of Daniel Wu, Congressman and Nut Job

This clown is more trustworthy than Wu.
 Oregon.  Known for haven for Califorians, highbrow Shakespeare festivals, the filming of Kindergarten Cop and a city with a ton of strip clubs.  Now it has something else to add to its fame: a nut-ass Congressman.

David Wu.  Democrat.  Oregon's finest.  He makes Lindsay Lohan look coherent.  He's the reason I love politicians. 

Confrontations with his staff.  Bizarre speeches.  Interventions.  Strange e-mails sent to his staff either from his children or from Wu posing as his children.  E-mails sent with a picture of Wu dressed as a tiger.

No shit.  If you acted like this at your job, you'd be fired ... or promoted to management.  You wouldn't get re-elected.  Wu did, though.

Wu's staff tried to get him help.  Whether they were concerned or had visions of the campaign going down in flames is really neither here nor there.  One member was quoted as saying the only thing worse than losing would be winning.  You can almost see the hand wringing and the misty eyes.

An e-mail sent to Wu's staff at 1:38 a.m. had the subject line "wasted."  It was supposedly sent by Wu's son.  It read, “My Dad said you said he was wasted Wednesday night after just three sips of wine. It’s just that he hasn’t had a drink since July 1. Cut him some slack, man. What he does when he’s wasted is send emails, not harass people he works with. He works SO hard for you … Cut the dude some slack, man. Just kidding.”

5150? Cosplay nerd? Congressman? Your guess is as good as mine.
 If this was Wu's son, Wu, Jr. is just as shithouse batty as his old man.  Note, this e-mail arrived minutes after another e-mail landed in staffers' inboxes -- this one apparently from Wu's daughter!  Who does that?  The guy who dresses like a tiger, that's who.  (Yes, that is Wu above.)

In Star Wars Ben Kenobi asks Han Solo who the bigger fool is.  The fool or the man who follows him?  I would ask: Is it the fool or the people who elect him?  Oregon: This guy represents you!  He's playing hide and seek with your tax dollars (when he's not sipping wine and making fart noises into a microphone, that is).  Was it a pity vote?  Were you that unaware?  I can see not knowing about the e-mails and Tigerman get-up, but apparently his behavior was well-known.  And you still handed him the keys to the public policy.  Gotta love it.  No wonder people from a state that elected two sucky ex-actor governors love spending dough and driving badly in your state.  It's like we were made for each other.  Hell, if Wu came from CA I could actually accept his behavior.  (Eureka, my city, gave Larry Glass a seat on the city council.  He's no Wu, but fuck ...)

Wu has sought medical help, which is par for the course.  He has blamed the stress of the campaign, the death of his father and raising two kids (who apparently love sending out e-mails to his staff at all hours of the morning, those scamps) solo on his behavior.  He did not blame wine or toxins caused by his Tony the Tiger get-up, however.  Whatever the reason, be it campaign stress, raising two e-mail happy kids by himself or a bad batch of Peruvian blow, Wu has got problems that need addressing.  He could be voting on healthcare or on whether or not we should be invading some Middle East country that just got VHS players.  I don't want his kids (or him pretending to be his kids) sending some dictator an e-mail saying something like, "dude we are so gonna blow your ass back to dinosaur times.  that's not the wine talking.  that's good old American kick assness.  the attached file is a picture of me dressed as natalie portman in black swan.  i want it to be the last thing you see before you suck down a nuke.  later dude."

Thank you, Oregon.  I guess we should all just be thankful David Duke wasn't running in your state.

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