Parent on Fire

Every time I pass by Nancy Grace's cable show, which is usually brutal in its delivery and therefore unwatchable, I can't help but see pictures of that smiling, missing kid (whose name I won't mention). The girl's mom reported her missing 31 days after realizing the kid was gone and is now (as of the last report I heard) in jail. A bounty hunter is trying to bail her out because she needs a "friend." What this woman, whose name I also won't mention, really needs is a hammer to the teeth.

Most reasonable, sane parents would not be out hitting night clubs when they discover their kid is missing. Not this mom. She's out there rubbing breasts with other women and chillin'. You'd be hard pressed to find anything wrong in her life. In fact, from all those reported conversations I heard, and all those pictures I've seen, Mom looks like everything is going a-ok. Well, except for the jail thing. (Wonder if she's been rubbing breasts there?)

Whenever I think about a parent hurting a kid, I get a little irrational. Call it the human in me, but I don't think parents should be doing bad things to their offspring. This woman, who Nancy Grace is basing an industry around, should suffer the same fate as her child. If she won't tell authorities where the kid is (she has been, to put it mildly, inconsistent with her stories), she should go missing. I've got a garage, some power tools and a hell of an imagination. Give her to me for a few days. I may be able to get a confession out of her. At the very least I'll have fun.

This bounty hunter, the one who wants to be her "friend," is stating that once she's out he'll find the child within a week. I'm not sure how he knows that, but it would be great if he did. I suspect if that is true, however, that smiling little girl will not be breathing. He's convinced she's still alive, but we all know how well those things usually go. It's a major story when the kid is found alive. It's par for the course when they're dead.

And before you think I'm advocating torturing the mom, I'm not really saying it should be done. I'm just saying I wouldn't shed a tear if it happened. I'd say it's justice served. She obviously knows more than she's saying, and when there is a child involved that is verboten. You don't keep secrets.

If she needs a "friend," then she needs to start acting human ... like a parent ... not some mom finally relieved of a burden, which is what those pictures seem to show.

And if she killed her daughter? Well, I don't believe in Hell, but I do believe that there will plenty of people who would like to put her through their own version of it. Here's to hoping she gets to party with them. Cheers!


Anonymous said...
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-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

It just made me hate irresponsible parents, which I always have, but parenthood made it worse.