Bigfoot Found?

The picture shows a body in a chest. Bigfoot? A clever hoax? I don't know, but there is a press conference scheduled for later today, and DNA evidence is supposedly being gathered.

I believe there are probably creatures like Bigfoot out there. There have been too many sightings and other "evidence" (I use quotes since the evidence hasn't been proven yet) to make me think something is possibly going on. Then again, a lot of people claim to have seen angels, but I don't believe in those.

I think I want to believe Bigfoot is real. The concept isn't too far out there, and science is discovering new animals from time to time, including those thought to be extinct. I have talked to several people who have claimed to have seen it, and I find most of their stories to be credible. The idea that Bigfoot could be out there appeals to me. I gives me great pleasure in knowing that we, as a society, still don't know everything about the world we live in.

If this body is real (and I have my doubts), it will change things. It won't be like finding an alien body, but it will force the scientific community to rethink the way it treats these tales (Loch Ness Monster and so on). It will be a great story for science and society.

I'll be following this closely. If it's fake, I'll still continue to hold out hope. If it is real, well, I'll be pretty content and even more driven to see one alive (there is going to be an expedition to caputre a live one in the same area the body was supposed to have been found).

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