Introduce Yourself ...

Okay, a bit about myself.

White. Male. Married. Father. Office monkey. Writer. Author. One-time musician. Prankster.

Someof you may know me from my film reviews and interviews on filmthreat.com(where I also wrote "Excess Hollywood"). Some may have bought my book ("PocketAces: The Newbie's Guide to Online Texas Hold-Em"). Some may remember mefrom my "Violence Fetish" e-mails, or read "Tattoo Savage" back when it wasactually about tattoos and piercings. (That magazine is a shell of whatit used to be.) Some may remember the 'zines I did and wrote for.

Whydo a blog now? Why do a blog when I have no time? Because finishing upa manuscript is lonely business. Writing is a lonely business, period. I want people to remember my name. Not in the way Robin Meade's name isremembered, more like in the way Stalin's name is remembered. It's hardto do that when you're doing movie and music reviews, the occasional interviewand working on a book people may or may not ever see.

What will Icover? Whatever I feel like. Pretty simple. Just like the e-mail transmissionsand 'zines. Whatever. I. Feel. Like.

Got questions? Send them in. I don't check my e-mail every day (I'm not a Luddite, but I'm close), butI will eventually respond.

And one more thing ... these posts won'texactly be polished pieces of literature. Again, I don't have time for that. These will be from-the-gut blows that are as raw as a herpes sore and justas disgusting.

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