Targeting Wisconsin Businesses -- Fun, Fun, Fun!

We have all heard the news.  Well, at least those who pay attention to the news anyway.  Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, a lickspittle to his corporate masters, promised to bust unions and has done so with the help of his Republican drones.  The man who proudly believes girls who are raped by their uncles shouldn't be allowed to abort, wiped out collective bargaining for public unions ... except firefighter and police unions because they supported him (way to go, my union brothers).  Walker wasn't only aided by cops and firefighters, though.  He had plenty of business support. 

The website Scott Walker Watch has a list of businesses that have donated money to the governor's 2010 campaign.  Think of it as Megan's Law type site, but instead of sex offenders it's really crappy businesses that hate organized labor.  While I feel sorry for the employees that work for them, I don't feel sorry enough not to target them in effort to make them lose money and ultimately go out of business.  First on the list is ABC Supply Co..

ABC's site is handy and bland.  It helps you find stores near you, so you can go protest.  If, like me, you are fortunate not to have a store nearby (and hopefully never in my neighborhood), you can e-mail them your feelings on businesses that support such candidates.  There's even a phone number you can call!  608-362-7777 gets you in touch with its National Support Center.  ABC is, according to the site, America's "largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding and windows."  Hey, somebody's gotta do it.  With some well-timed protests, some creative sabotage and bad press, ABC can go from America's largest wholesale distributor of blah, blah, blah to "the first business to fall due to Wisconsin's anti-labor Republicans."  If ABC wants to support a man who hates labor so much, maybe this company that caterers to laborers should feel the effects of its actions.  Any of you union construction workers should look to make sure you aren't dealing with materials bought at ABC.

Touchingly, and without a trace of irony, ABC posts its core values on its site.  And here you thought the owners only wanted to make money.  ABC has "American Pride."  "We pay tribute to our country, believe in the American Dream and all it stands for, and honor and respect the men and women who serve our great nation."  Unless, of course, you are a public servant union member (cops and firefighters excluded).  Perhaps it's time to add, "Fuck the unions.  We support Walker and his attacks on unions and women's rights!"

And if any of you readers happen to work for ABC and feel just as disgusted as I do, I offer you to anonymously send in any kind of incriminating memos or documents you have, and I'll post them here if they are newsworthy or even mildly interesting.  Got pics of your boss in blackface or sleeping with a tranny?  I'll post those, too.  Fuck ABC.

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