Palin Visits Israel. Is She Lost?

CNN reports that Sarah Palin is visiting Israel!  Holy shit, Batman!  She's on a fact-finding mission to find out how they deal with those pesky Palestinians so that when she gets "elected" back in the good ol' US of A she can do the same to liberals.  This has "international incident" written all over it.

Palin likes to present herself as a person just like you or me.  And she is.  I've been governor of Alaska, and I've also had my own TV show.  On a whim I can visit foreign leaders and pop onto to Fox News to spout nonsense.  So, Palin is just like me ... and you.  Nothing special about her.  No way.

Or so she thinks.

A lot of those Tea Party Parrots love her.  Worship the ground she walks upon.  Would gladly sacrifice their own first born (but not in the womb) for her.  They want her to be president.  They don't need another hero.  They need a savior.  And that is why Palin is going to Israel.  She wants to see where all that "Bible stuff" started.  She wants to see Ground Zero for the Holy of the Holiest.  If she can't lead them to freedom from stone throwing, bomb-wearing terrorists, nobody can.  (Except, of course, some U.S. supplied weapons.)

Where I really want to see Palin go is Africa.  Deep in the heart of Africa.  Unaccompanied by photographers, body guards and her dancing daughter.  I want her meeting with gun-toting maniacs in Rwanda, and then I want to hear her report on it.  That's the kind of move I expect out of presidential hopefuls.  Israel, as they say in Delaware, is for pussies.

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