A New Look

You may have noticed that this blog's "masthead" has changed.  It's all courtesy of writer/artist and overall megaman Felix Vasquez, Jr..  Vasquez's site, Cinema Crazed, is a stop for all lovers of film, though it will mainly appeal to people whose taste are less 27 Dresses and more ... anything else.  Vasquez is an awesome, talented guy, and I consider myself honored to know him.  His site will also be linked to on The Last Picture Blog at some point when I have more of that thing called "time."

Thank you, Felix.

As for my other friends, enjoy Hawaii, enjoy new marriages (three of you got married this new year -- pretty crazy), enjoy pregnancy (two of you), enjoy.  And for the people I don't know -- hope your 2011 is exactly how you want it to be.  Enjoy some good books, good movies, good music and good people.

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