Keyword Fun Time Again

Every month or so I do a listing of some of the strange keyword searches that have brought people to my blog.  I want to note that I will no longer be including Regan Reese in these unless it is crazy because she shows up every time.  Almost daily, it seems.

"'Hood over the head' asphyxiation video" is one of the searches that brought people here.  That I can understand, since I wrote about that video.  This, however, is not a site where I regularly post such things. 

"'Writing about Kool-Aid'" and "arson and drugs" were next up.  For some reason I can't help but think of Jim Jones and his merry band of poisoners.  And in keeping with the Jones theme, I did have some people directed here who were looking for "Aleister Crowley death pictures."  Who on Earth cares about that sort of thing?  Ozzy?

Perhaps the most disturbing and ominous search was for "butchers lie about cancerous breasts."  What the hell does that mean?  Who are these butchers, and why are they lying about cancerous breasts?  Freaky.  I hope this doesn't refer to chicken, though.  I know a really gross story about that.

The next two searches don't even make a bit of sense.  "Cakif fuking video" and "cancerous zeitgeist even a mature isn't safe."  I don't know what a "cakif fuking" video is, but if you can't spell properly when you're looking for porn, you deserve to end up here.  Hope I killed the erection with my endless ranting on the Tea Party.

Apparently I'm not the only one interested in the black sun, either.  I had searches for "dark matter harnessing" and "harnessing the power of the black sun or the ultimate sun."  Dude, if you found something on that, I'd love to know about it, too.  Thanks for stopping by.

People are still searching for "Eureka, CA hookers."  Second Street.  In front of the library.  How many times do I have to say that?  Oh yeah, and on the City Council, too.

"Devils nails," "nail devil" and "Larry the Cable Guy" were also searched.  I grouped them together because they should be.

"Naget women with focking" made as much sense as "qatar 'ball gag'  -- rawanda -- paraguay -- portugal."  Am I missing something here?  Where does "ball gag" fit into that last group?  I don't think anyone in any of those countries owns a ball gag.

"The cold finger film" was another one that sounded vaguely bothersome.  The same goes for "yanks woman humping pillow."  Actually, that just sounds funny.  "What's your fetish, Danny?"  "Oh, Yankee women getting all busy with a pillow."  People never cease to amaze me with what gets them off.  Whatever happened to a little hair pulling and pierced nipples?  No, these days you need regional women getting intimate with fluff-filled fabric sacks.

That's all for this time.  The general insanity of Internet searches brings some awfully strange people here.  I don't know if they stick around and have a look, or go back to searching for their bargain basement porn.  Either way, I'm happy they at least stopped by.

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