As I Walk Among the Dead

Rough day.  Rough week.  I'm afraid to write much more.  I've done this post three times, and every single time it comes out sounding insane or condescending. 

Those who know the character at the left, know how I'm feeling right about now.  You?  Me.

So, a few thoughts that aren't so insane.

I wish more animals ate their trainers.  Yeah, I eat meet and go out of my way to hit dogs with my car (I'm kidding about that one), but making wild animals perform and then acting shocked when they attack is a mark of stupidity.  If you're that dumb around a beast that can kill you, you deserve to be kibble.  The world needs less dumb people, and animals love to eat.  Seems like the circle of life in action.

The televised health care reform talks were a really cool gimmick.  Your government in (in)action.  The unfortunately named Teabaggers really don't want health care reform, and these fucks are the loudest, so like babies they get the most attention.  You want to know why that is wrong?  I saw this sign held up by a Teabagger: Keep government out of my Medicare.  Don't pay attention to people this dumb.  They will get you to act against your own self-interests.

I overheard someone in the video store state that their favorite movie was the new Alice in Wonderland film that isn't out yet.  She stated she hadn't seen it but knows she'll love it.  If you ask someone what their favorite film of all time is and they list something that came out in the past two years you can almost be sure the person either suffers from long term memory loss, ADD or is just a moron.  Not all, but if someone told me their favorite movie of all time was Valentine's Day, which just came out, I'd probably stay away from them lest I catch something.

I'm meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow.  Someone I haven't seen in weeks, but miss.  That should be nice.  I'm looking forward to it.  Got paid for some writing.  Film Threat is back.  Hit a few lottery numbers.  And yet this week still sucked.  Saw Broken Flowers and liked it.  Good character study that seemed to say nothing at first, but said said a lot more than you would think.  Started reading a book I need to review.  Had Big Pete's for lunch.  Saw Blue and refused to look at her scars.  And this week still sucked.

Next week has to better.  For the sake of everybody, it's got to be better.


Michelle said...

We should hang out! 6 months! That's a long time.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Agreed! Give a call or something something.