The Pierced Tongue

The persistence of ignorance mars my day.  My own included.  As the song goes, you can't be something you are not.  So at what point do you stop denying and start embracing?  At what point do you stop seeing yourself in the mirror because you can no longer distinguish the mirror from your surroundings?

I used to hate my enemies.  These days I tend to ignore them unless they get in my way.  Then they must be dealt with appropriately.  Otherwise, I am just wasting my time, and time is one thing I'll never have enough of no matter what I do.

I get it.  Embrace.  Do what you got to do to get by all while keeping whatever shred of sanity you have.  Immerse yourself in whatever gets you going.  Become one with the Black Sun.

The body is a strange things.  So many poisons in it.  Some physical.  Some mere ideas.  I like the potential that is there.  I like the limits that are broken.  I think it's time to break mine a bit.  Break it like you would a horse.  Break it like you would someone's spirit.  Break it into a thousand shimmering pieces of no tomorrows. 

I like to think that when all is said and done and humanity is reduced to some smoldering waste pile that we will have known what we were capable of.  I believer, however, we'll only know what we were afraid to achieve.

I don't want to go out like that.

I want to achieve.

Over and out.

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