Nothing But Hate

Richmond, California. Richmond High School. A 15-year-old girl gang raped after her homecoming dance. Beat. Perhaps up to two dozen people witnessed them. Not a single one had the courage to stop it or even try. It may have been recorded by cell phone and put on the Internet. (If you checked it out perhaps you'll be snagged for viewing child pornography. One can hope.)

The girl was with a group of people. Drinking. Not the smartest move. A grounding would have been a fine punishment. Perhaps taking the cell phone. A gang rape and beating? No. Never.

Associated Press today reported that four have been charged ... so far. They are 15, 16, 17 and 19. The 19-year-old is Manuel Ortega. I hope that, if guilty, his cellmates remember his name and his crime. My guess, knowing what I know of rapists and child molesters in prison, is that his life will be filled with wonderful days of forced oral and anal sex. Maybe, once his ass has been reconstructed for the fifth time he will finally understand what his victim went through.

And maybe he's just a dumb fuck who will never get it.

Again, he may not be guilty, but my guess is that the police are going to do their best not to fuck this one up. After all, this crime is disgusting for reasons I don't need to point out, and there are plenty of people up in arms over it.

It makes me wish more people believed in vigilante justice. You know -- arson, terror, beatings, murder (if necessary). I don't feel bad saying that. People act like these cowardly rapists do for several reasons, and one of those reasons is that they don't fear the consequences. Why else would people film their crimes? Yeah, for the infamy, but they also just don't get it or care. And why should they? Far too many people aren't forced to suffer for their transgressions. Far too many.

When I think of a 15-year-old engaging in a gang rape and beating of another 15-year-old, I think that teen is long gone. I don't believe he can be rehabilitated and shown the "error of his ways." In time, sure. But I think karma has got to grab him by the nuts and put the fear of God into his moist little mouth. I want him to feel as violated as the girl, and I want his family looked at. If they contributed to the creation of this monster, they should pay, too. As a town, Richmond should be looking at all these people and their families and deciding exactly what they want to do with them.

Rapists and child molesters fill me with rage. I want them to hurt, to burn, to suffer. If given the chance, I'd do it to them myself. I can think of many unique and splendid tortures to visit upon some needing soul. I'd feel no remorse, either. In fact, I'd enjoy it. I feel no shame in saying that. Part of self-awareness is admitting what you are, and I can be a monster in the right circumstances.

But I'd never rape someone, or engage in a gang rape, or be witness to it.


Ladies, I wish you carried guns. I wish you fucked up people who did you wrong. Do it enough and the message starts to get out.

Richmond, California, what bred your monsters? What created this situation? What destroyed a teen girl, who probably wishes she were dead at this point? What made these teen pieces of human shit think they could do this and not suffer?

God, could you imagine what would happen if one of these little shits had a disease like AIDS or Hep C and inadvertently gave it to the others? (I somehow doubt they thought to wear condoms.) Geez, that would really suck.

Every one of those fuckers who engaged in the crime deserves to die. Every one of those cowardly pigs who witnessed it and did nothing deserve a beating of such a scope that it leaves them crippled for life. Anyone who sought it out on the web deserves jail time.

I don't expect the justice system to dole out the proper punishment, but I expect General Population to do the job. And if by some miracle these walking wastes of flesh don't do time, I expect the citizens of Richmond to show them what street justice really looks like.

Monsters. Each and every one of them.

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