Palin's Uncertain Future

A lot (far too much, actually) talk in the mainstream media has centered on Governor Sarah Palin and her future plans. Will she go quietly into the night to govern that state most Americans treat like a creepy uncle, or will she return to the forefront before the next election to assault Americans with her maverick sense of stupidity? The consensus seems to be mixed, with about half thinking she's good for the Republican party and the other half thinking she sunk it.

I'm a registered Republican. Why would an anarchist even be registered to vote, let alone be a registered Republican? Because it gets me on a lot of phone polls and sends a lot of junk mail to my mailbox. I get to vote in their primaries. In other words, I get to know what Republicans are thinking, and when I take a phone survey and vote I get to throw my two cents in. I'll be telling the Republicans they should stick with this goofy-accented television joke of a governor.

Palin is good for the Republicans the same way anorexia is good for a model. You look good for a while, even as people ignore the obvious, but eventually things get really bad. Let's let the war mongers think she's good for business. Let's let Americans more scared of God than they are of a serious economic depression place her on the altar. The more attention paid to her will result in more attention being paid to her, and I don't believe she's good enough to withstand the scrutiny. Granted, she has a few years to polish her act, and she will polish. Those Republicans who stick by her will groom her, but will it be good enough? You can't erase stupidity no matter who you are surrounded by. Dubya showed the world that. Her ignorance ain't goin' away, y'all.

So let's keep attention focused on her. Let's make the Republican party defend or demonize her. Let's make the media continue to ask for interviews so we can learn just how badly she failed geography. This will only serve us well.

And while you are at it, I recommend changing your party status. Sometimes you really can make change from inside.

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