Gods and Monsters

Try as I might (and I do try), I just don't understand ninety-nine percent of the (in)human race. I can't understand their motives, their actions, their ways. I don't know why they do what they do, and I am afraid I don't care to try and understand any longer.

As a species, I'm disappointed. We make weapons capable of destroying a planet, but yet we still can't understand the basic concept of simple decency. It's a wicked combination -- all that might and so little brains. We create different moralities -- rules to live our lives by -- and then promptly ignore them when it is convenient. Thou shalt not kill ... unless it's a war. Thou shalt respect life -- unless it's a female's life. Thou shalt be kind to strangers -- unless it's that guy who's always begging for money.

Here's my feelings on the subject. At about 14 I decided to be totally honest with myself. It isn't always easy, and I haven't always succeded, but I believe I'm better off than the people who constantly lie to themselves and justify their actions any way they can when it goes against their beliefs.

I believe all people should be free. I believe people should be free to take drugs, go to hookers and not wear seat belts. I believe my rights end when they infringe on your's. I believe most people are blind sheep with zero brains, and I do my best to stay out of their way. I believe God is a myth, but I respect those who believe in it because I believe in things I cannot prove, either. I believe in giving respect when it is earned. I believe any authority that is justified by force is no authority at all. I believe governments make people's lives worse. I believe some people should be killed by the rest of society, but I don't think the government should do it. (How about having the victims or their families handle the justice?) I believe people can have whatever opinion they want, and I respect it ... if it is well thought out ... which they rarely are. I believe most people have poor taste in art and entertainment, but can't really be expected to know what is good because nobody tells them. I believe religion is just another story like the Star Wars saga or "Christine." I believe most people don't have a clue and are happy that way. I believe most people vote based on one issue and who seems the most like them. I believe television has replaced common sense. I believe most people enjoy being consumers and statistics or else they'd act differently. I believe morals and values are something most people believe are set in stone for themselves, yet they are happy to treat them like toilet paper without even realizing it. I believe we are safer with citizens owning weapons. I believe justice is when stupid people are not kept safe from the outcomes of their actions. I believe there is no justice anymore. I believe that alcoholism and homosexuality aren't diseases and as long as we treat them as such we are lying to ourselves. I believe in being nice to those who deserve it and laughing when my enemies get what's coming to them. I believe in caring about social injustices, but I also believe in taking care of myself first. I believe we are headed for disaster and it is probably deserved. I believe 9/11 has been exploited by both political parties, but members of either party will only believe it about their opposites. I believe people who think their is a difference between political parties are lying to themselves. I believe my morals and values are situational and I'm not afraid to admit it, but the general plan I have is solid and a good way to live my life or I wouldn't be doing it. I believe perversion can be a good thing. I believe alcohol and drugs help the government keep people under control and are a total waste of time.

There's more. There always is. And there are exceptions. There always are. I am political, but not in the way most people would expect. I am not religious, but I don't care if others are and I tend not to mock them for it. I used to, but it got pointless.

As for the rest of society. I don't think they think of these things enough. They go to church, they vote, they watch NBC's newscasts and read the yearly book, but they don't think on their own. They think whatever the bumperstickers tell them to, and I think that makes them dangerous. Ill-informed and unaware is never a good thing. In fact, it's stuff like that which makes me glad we have police.

How do we sleep at night? Oh yeah ... medicated.

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