The Strangest Searches Ever

People seem to like when I post these. This latest batch of searches that cause people to end up at my blog are bizarre beyond the standard bizarre I get. I won't even post the ones that are blatantly sexual. These are just the strangest of the strange, and they were all strange this time. I'm just going to list them, with perhaps some commentary. Enjoy?

mouth blood
beautiful blood
blood body
blood sexy
bomb baby plain
bomb fuck
cockholes in public toilet
every 30 second someone's mouth swerve out of control and facebook friendship die -All I can really say to this one is, "What the fuck?"
fold paper 12 times
hacked human pony
junkies masturbating
monkey egg sacs meaning
naked male sixteen
naked women in hell
police car lights wet pavement
realtyamatureporn -I'm not sure if this is some new genre of porn brought on by the housing bubble or if someone just can't spell.
sex oversea porn horse woman
sexsy [sic] girls open body
vintage penis -Why?
women teeth bite into penis

I can only imagine what January will bring.  On the plus side, I've got The Secret King to enjoy for the end of the world.  Merry X-Mess ... if there is one.

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