Why Advertisers Hate Me

The more observant reader may have noticed that I have removed the Google ads from my site.  Yeah, I was making some cash for them, but my account for this blog was suspended because I violated AdSense's terms of policy.  The offense?  It was a big one.  Almost worthy of jail time.

I posted a link to an interview I did with Regan Reese on Film Threat.  I interviewed her because she was in Amateur Porn Star Killer 3 done by the ever interesting Shane Ryan.  This interview was about the exploitation film.  Apparently AdSense didn't like that I posted a link to an interview on an exploitation film because the actress interview (Reese) is primarily known for adult films.  Keep in mind, this interview only touched upon porn. 

Had someone actually looked into the incident, they would have seen that not only was the interview not porn-related, but was also one of the biggest draws to this blog.  Her name is the search term is the one that brings most people into this site (along with a few really crazy ones like how to pick up hookers in Eureka).  Of all the things I've written, this is what causes an account suspension.

If any websites out there are looking for an affiliate, I am open.  I've got space.  I've got readers, and I'm willing to work in trade.  I am not, however, willing to censor what I write, so if the stuff here upsets you, look elsewhere.

I imagine after this I may lose my accounts for my other blogs, some of which have been far more graphic in content.  We'll see.

Brilliant move, AdSense.  Brilliant.   

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