This Was My Damn Day

1. Stayed up late the night before playing poker. Felt worn down, but not sick.  Woke up tired and sick. Considered calling in, but it was my last day to clean up stuff before starting my new position, and I had a meeting to attend.  (More on that later.)  Also, it was a co-worker's birthday and my last day in my unit.  Missing that just would not do.  And there was that meeting.

2.  Forgot MP3 player for car.  Livable.  Get stuck behind a lady who stopped every ten feet or so to look around to see what road she was on.  Irritating the first five times.  By the sixth time I'm yelling out the window.  Stomach now gurgling. 

3.  Get to work (found some Coke -- thanks!) and have to go right to the meeting, which, apparently, I was not supposed to attend.  Nobody, of course, tells me this.  I feel out of place there, and am doing my best not to throw up.  Not only was I not supposed to be there, but it was obvious (to me at least) that I was not supposed to be there ... and it was pointed out later ... several times by several people ... that I was not supposed to be there.  Uncomfortable.  Embarrassed.  Not a good way to start the new job.  I brought this up ... a lot ... to a co-worker, who, to her credit, did not stab me but actually listened and sympathized.  She is a good person despite her occasional dabbling in the world of Reggae.

4.  It was my last day in my unit, and things were ... different.  People gave me a lot of crap in a good natured way, and my new unit also sent me many warm welcomes.  I didn't want to get sappy over any of it, but it made me realize something: I work with a lot of good, well-intentioned, smart, compassionate people who do a hard job that they actually give a damn about ... and many of them could be working elsewhere (most likely with less stress and more money).  Looking around today I realized that with all the sentiments being thrown my way, I was damn lucky.  I wish I was deserving of all the kind words, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate them.  I did ... more than any of them know. 

5.  Went to my anniversary lunch and was again amazed by my co-workers.  Ate too much that did its best to do even more damage to my stomach.  Brilliant.

6.  Picked up my daughter and she got to ride in the front seat for the first time (I checked with highway patrol first).  It felt kind of alien until she reached over and tickled me, and then it felt fine.  She laughed her butt off and told me she always wanted to tickle me when I drove.  Very pleased with herself, she just kept smiling and looking out the window, and I remembered being the same age and doing the same thing.  Brilliant again.

7.  I love the post office.  It brings me books, movies, CDs, magazines and other wonderful gifts ... except today.  Figures.  Instead of cool stuff, I got a summons for jury duty.  This will be a huge waste of everyone's time.

8.  Went to a great dinner with my daughter at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We don't even need to order anymore.  They just bring us our food.  And, in celebration of my daughter's birthday, they didn't charge us for her meal.  Sweet.

9.  Got home and let my daughter play on her skateboard and pogo stick and had an even more wonderful evening. 

10.  Got paid for some writing.

11.  Still feel sick.

12.  Got a few disturbing texts from a female friend who I worry about far too much ... but with reason.

13.  And now I'm here.  Making a chronicle of a day that was equal parts inspiring and horrible.  I want to sleep for a long, long time.


JLo said...

I miss you, Doug. Your daughter too.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

You are missed as well. We need to get together soon ... or else!