I received an e-mail today from Slow Boat Films (I assume it was director M.A. Littler) stating that Voodoo Rhythm Records was in financial trouble and possibly going under. It then asked for donations to be sent to an account (which I couldn't find listed).

I don't know if this is a scam done by some e-mail virus. (I know Slow Boat wouldn't do this as a scam, but its e-mail could have been hijacked.) I have sent an e-mail out to Slow Boat to find out more, and I will keep you all posted. If it is real, I'm going to post the e-mail here. Voodoo is too important to music to go under. If I weren't going through a financial mess myself, I'd be sending it whatever money I had. I still may send some.

Voodoo Rhythm Records is the last label that matters. If it stops putting out music, the world will have lost some incredible bands that may have not have gotten heard any other way.

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