Some of Them Looking Just Like You

Just a quick thought. How can you be a maverick or an icon for change if you are still wearing a three-piece suit? Just curious. Does anyone believe the presidential candidates when they say such things? (McCain and his trophy VP pick use the word "maverick" so much that you would think someone needs to change their batteries.)

As readers know, I don't like either of the fools, but I wonder how many fools the fools are fooling. Based on the excitement of my friends, most of whom support Obama, quite a few.

Change and the rugged individualism of being a "maverick" can be good things, but when they are thrown around by members of the establishment who haven't really done all that much to separate themselves from their peers, they mean very little. I know McCain has taken some unpopular stands within his own party, but I don't see him taking any truly innovative stands. The same holds true with Obama.

Mavericks? Agents of change? Nope. Just the standard talking heads feeding America what they think it wants to hear ... and so far they have been right.

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